About Us

About Lux Express

At Lux Express Logistics, we pride ourselves as Global Leading Logistics Company, powered by technology. We belong to a distinguished class of logistics companies with a clearly defined market path across the world.

Our footprints are set in the areas of personalized services, E-commerce logistics, Freight Forwarding, Haulage, Warehousing, Distribution, Mail Room services and more. This growth is largely propelled by our excellent team of professionals and diverse strategic partnerships.
We are now positioned more than ever to compete among logistics giants in the international community and remain as the very best in terms of service delivery.

Our Core Values


Innovation is deeply ingrained in our corporate culture and has consistently been our driving force for growth. Through technology, after gathering authentic customer insight, we develop new products and services that address market needs. Our solutions are intentionally suited for efficient and practical results.


At Lux Express Logistics, we believe that quality people offer the best of themselves, and create ingenious ways to help you, our delightful customer. We celebrate and reward every ounce of creativity. Small and big ideas are contributed from all levels within the company to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


We place premium value on maintaining and enhancing quality throughout the organization. To achieve this, we sustain a continuous cycle of improving processes, eliminating bottlenecks and increasing efficiency in daily operations.

Our Mission

We are committed to relentlessly exceed customer’s expectation through innovative technology solutions for logistics.

Our Vision

To be An International Leading Logistics and Freight Platform.

We Serve And Deliver With Guarantee


We pride ourselves as one of the best logistics company on a global scale, because we serve and deliver with gurantee to all our customers worldwide.

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